Yes, we are women.  Yes, we are bossy.  Yes, we are leaders.

Having told many people what to do; our children, our employees, our husbands, men, women and pretty much anyone who would listen, we learned a lot about what not to do. And we learned that it’s okay to be bossy.  It’s not a bad thing, in fact, done well, it makes things work.

Bossy does not equal Bitchy – Bossy Rules.

We are 2 Bossy Broads and proud of it. We are committed to finding the Bossy in all women leaders.  Having run companies and teams for years, we mistakenly thought the barriers to women being accepted as leaders had been torn down.  We were wrong. We are deeply disappointed by the slow pace with which women advance and take their place in the boardrooms, in public office and at the leadership table.

Congress is still only 20% women (up from 14% in 1995), Fortune 500 boardrooms are still only 10% women and in most small to mid-sized business the leadership/ownership roles for women are still only about 30%. While we make up 52% of the worlds population, this is not right.

Join us and get your Bossy on. 

Celebrate, Learn & Lead as only Bossy Broads can do.


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